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Kotlin for Android Developers

Kotlin is a brilliant new JVM language by the makers of IntelliJ that is picking up a lot of traction in general, but particularly in Android for allowing functional programming on the Java 7 JVM


Rolling Rocks Downhill

There are hundreds of Agile text books out there on Amazon. Most are good, but, honestly, they're dull because, well, they're text books. This isn't one of them. It's a beautifully written novel.


Automating and Testing a REST API

A practical and hands on book teaching everything you need to know about working with and testing REST APIs in Java, complete with code samples.

Sample Extras

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Music for Programming by The American Dollar

Exclusive to Programming Book Club, "Music for Programming" is an exclusive album created by New York post-rock band American Dollar. The perfect soundtrack to get you into flow.


Colours (earth incorporated pt 1) by Adrian J Walker

Author of best selling novel "End of the World Running Club" is back with the first of a new trilogy set in a dystopian corporate future.


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